Auburn Athletics Department Autograph Form

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If you are requesting an item for an auction or a fundraiser, does the auction involve a high school, high school organization, high school fundraising event, or benefit high school students in grades 9th-12th?

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Type of item requested.

What will proceeds of the event/project be used for (please be specific and include the date of your event):

We are able to donate autographed pictures or posters, signed by our head coaches. A picture, which we provide, is the only approved item for the head football coach to sign, for personal autograph requests. There are no restrictions, on the items that our other head coaches can sign at this time, so you may request that he or she sign a ball or any item that you provide, if that is preferred over the autographed picture or poster that we provide.

A copy of your 501c3 documentation must be received by Auburn Athletics prior to the approval of your request. Please fax or email it, along with any additional information (flyer, brochure, etc.), to 334-844-9807 or

Please review your request to make sure you have completed all fields and the information listed is correct. Incomplete requests may not be processed and/or may take more time to complete.

Autographed pictures will be shipped back at no additional charge. All other items shipped in to be signed must include stamps or a pre-paid postage mailing label. We are not able to accept checks, money orders or credit cards for postage at this time. Items received without postage will not be autographed.

NCAA guidelines request that the following conditions be met in regards to institutional memorabilia and autographs:

  1. The requested item may not be used in fundraising events for any high school organization, high school fund raising event that will benefit a charity or educational project or any high school or prospect-aged individual. High school is defined as grades nine through twelve.
  2. All monies derived from the promotions activity or project must go directly to the charity, non-profit agency or educational institution listed above.
  3. An authorized representative of the agency must sign a waiver agreeing to adhere to all NCAA guidelines regarding this request.
  4. Use of the memorabilia item must have written approval from the Auburn Athletics Department Compliance Office.
  5. Memorabilia may not be re-sold for any purpose without Auburn Athletics Department Compliance approval.
  6. Memorabilia signed by current Auburn student-athletes may not be auctioned or used as a part of a fundraiser.

By clicking submit, I confirm my knowledge of the NCAA rules and regulations pertaining to this request and agree to abide by all said guidelines. I understand that Auburn University reserves the right to request the return of memorabilia or autographed items when guidelines are not followed. Please print this page for your records before clicking submit.